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Web Design Examples

Lee Garden Chinese Restaurant

Lee Garden was a fine dining restaurant and lounge that my parents owned. The business was sold in 2006, but this is what the website would look like if it were still open today.


Lee Garden was a Chinese Restaurant located off of Sawmill Rd. on Federated Blvd. in Columbus Ohio.


Lotus Leaf Asian Cuisine

Lotus Leaf was a quick and casual Asian Restaurant located in Columbus Ohio on the West Side. Unfortunately they are now closed. Their specialties included Asian styled Chicken Wings, Stir Fry, Pho, Noodles and Rice dishes. I was responsible for the photography, photo editing, color, copy writing as well as the UX/UI layout design.

Lotus Leaf Asian Cuisine

Lotus Leaf Asian Cuisine Columbus Ohio Georgesville Square Dr.



I also Created the Lous Leaf Take Out Menu: LOTUS LEAF-CARRYOUT MENU


AISCO Security

AISCO Security is a profession security service provider located in Columbus Ohio. It is owned and operated by Ayo Oyelami who is a security and special forces contractor. AISCO security provides a wide variety of services from Event Security to Executive Protection and Private Military Security Contracting. I was responsible for uploading all of the content, the UX/UI layout and basic photo editing.


AISCO Seurity: Your Peace of Mind is Our Business!



Random Interviews

Random Interviews is an e-zine project that can only be described as Vice meets The Onion with a lot of randomness. It was created in 2014 by me and my friend Lord Veil. The entire concept of Random Interviews is “Anything Goes” so there are naturally no limits (with the exception of pornography and swearing; that’s only because certain advertisers want relatively clean content). I was responsible for the Design and UX/UI Layout of the website, choosing the colors as well as basic graphic and photo editing.


Random Interviews : Where Anything Goes!



Daclaud dot com

Daclaud dot com was a student project I had created back in 2008. I had wanted the site to be similar to Cracked.com or zergnet.com featuring top 10 lists and funny, stupid, satirical humor for young adults and college aged people. The site had evolved from a basic HTML page based site to WordPress. I used this site to experiment with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content production, Graphic Editing and to see how much money I could make off of Google Adsense. I learned the hard way that Google Adsense does not like certain content and will ban your account if you have inappropriate content.


This was the original HTML/CSS version of Daclaud dot com. As you can see, it is VERY different today.