Kain Highwind – Final Fantasy Warhammer Conversion
April 15, 2014
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Cecil Harvey the Dark Knight.

I wanted to create a version of Cecil Harvey that captured the original SNES version as well as make him fit into the Warhammer universe as my own unique interpretation.  Cecil Harvey will eventually be used as an Empire Captain leading the Read Wings, which will comprise of Empire State Troops (swordsmen).

Here is my attempt to make Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy 4.  The Kit Bashed parts I used were:

Body:  Captain Ricco – from Ricco’s Republican Guard (Dogs of War boxed set).  The spikes coming out from his shoulder armor are horns from 5th edition Chaos Warrior heads.


Cecil Harvey Sprite

Head:  5th Edition Chaos Warrior with horns added.  I wanted the head to be simple and effective.  I remember the original SNES version of Cecil looked just like a Chaos Warrior so I decided to use this as my base.


Cecil Harvey SNES portrait


Above: Here is a render of Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy Dissidia.  No Warhammer character could ever wear such armor and the closest match I could find was with the Captain Ricco body.



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