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Moogles in Warhammer Fantasy

I have been a fan of Final Fantasy since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  Back then I was a third grader and this was before the Internet was even a household thing.  Needless to say, I wanted to also incorporate my Final Fantasy fandom into the Warhammer universe, so I am constantly making conversion of the characters.  Unfortunately, as I’ll admit, I’m only a mediocre sculptor, but this is a learning process for me.

Counts as Halflings: The Ivalice Moogle

There are several types of Moogles in the Final Fantasy universe, but I wanted my Moogles to be based off of the Ivalace Moogles found in Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy Tactics,  Moogles are not particularly war like, so they can’t really fill in for humans or any other race (maybe an army of them could count as Goblins or Gnoblars), but if you remember back in the 5th Edition of Warhammer, there was a choice to use Halflings within the Empire army.  I don’t play in tournaments, so I really don’t care about the relevance or rules.  If I want to take Halflings in my Empire army, I will do so (not that I have really even played a game).




Above:  Here is an example of an Ivalice Moogle.  The image above is official artwork from Final Fantasy 12.

Moogle Conversion WIP

While the picture of the Ivalice Moogle was my inspiration above, creating the model seemed at first an intimidating task, but I found a way.  The ears were actually not too difficult to sculpt, in fact, it required no sculpting and just bending of green stuff.  The body was already pre-made as I could easily use Goblin legs and torsos of miniatures of almost any human or human-like race.

Moogle Fighter Warhammer

Moogle Fighter Warhammer

Above:  My first attempt at a Moogle Conversion.  The sword is from an empire Militia arm, the torso is from a High Elf Silver Helms knight and the legs are from the Goblin infantry set.  The conversion above looks like crap, but the finished product actually doesn’t look that bad if I do say so myself.

photo 3

Above:  My first Moogle Fighter

photo 4


The Moogle Thief (Counts as Halfling Thief)


photo 5 (2)

Above: This Moogle is my WIP of a rogue or thief class character.  This is my second attempt at creating a Moogle character.  Once again I used a High Elf Silver Helms torso and Goblin legs.  The right hand is the knife from the Johan the Knife Mordheim model and the left hand is from the Empire Militia set.  I added a few doodads like a long knife and sachel from the Bretonnian Men at Arms set.

I plan on making at least 10 more of these Moogles and I will combine them with any halflings I already have.  Halflings are OOP unfortunately, but by augmenting the ones I have now with Moogles, I can field a pretty large Moogle/Halfling regiment.

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