Warriors of Chaos – Color Schemes
April 15, 2014
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January 11, 2015
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I’ve been into Warhammer since 5th Edition and all of these years I had wanted to build a Grudgebringer themed army (from the PC game Shadow of the Horned Rat), but never quite got around to it.  The models back then were just not as cool looking as the ones we have now, so I put it off.

During the 5th edition, the State Troops had puffy sleeves and just didn’t quite look right so I never attempted the conversions.  Looking back, it might have been possible with a lot of green stuff, but I was too lazy too work with it back then.



Above:  The 5th Edition Soldiers of the Empire boxed set was the only thing available back in the day.  While they made great empire state troops, the Grudgebringer Infantry did not look right using these guys, so the project was halted for a long time.

After the 7th edition state troops were released, I knew we were getting closer.  Due to being side tracked for so many years, I’ve finally mustered the motivation to begin the project.



Above: The Grudge Bringer Infantry aka Schepke’s Twenty (soon to be expanded to Schepke’s 32).  Lt. Gunther Schepke with his greatsword was made with the 7th edition Empire Greatsword body.  I used the balled head with the scar over the left eye as Lt. Schepke because I always envisioned him bald for some reason.

The Musician is made from an old Reiksguard Knight on Foot body; the head was removed and replaced with a Bretonnian Men at Arms head.

The Banner Bearer is made from the 6th Edition Empire Greatsword body with the head removed and replaced with a Goblin Sallet helmet from White Knight’s Miniature Emporiumhttp://whiteknightminiatureimperium.blogspot.com/

The Standard Grudgebringer Infantry Troopers are primarily made with the 7th Edition Empire State Troops body with the left arm being the Reiksguard Knights arm from the Empire Knightly Order boxed set.  The shield is the rounded shield commonly found with most of the Warhammer 5th Edition blisters.  While the banner is hand painted, I am lazy and do not want or have time to hand paint all the shields, so I used photoshop to create the shield design and printed them out on a color laser printer and trimmed them to fit inside the shield.  All of the heads are a mixture of old and new ones; some coming from the 5th Edition Soldiers of the Empire set, some from the 7th Edition Greatsword and State Troops set and at least two being the Goblin Sallet helmet head from White Knight Miniatures.

 Next up: WIP Grudgebringer Crossbows




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