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April 15, 2014
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April 16, 2014
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I do not have very many Chaos Warriors, but I wanted to do one 10 man regiment of each mark (Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle), as well as a regiment for Undivided.



Here is the basic concept for the Warrior of Nurgle.  His head is the hanged man head from the Vampire Counts Zombie sprue.  The armor was painted in a base coat of Catachan Green with a light wash of Sepia Tone.   The fur I decided on a grey-white color, I know it’s not very dirty or Nurgle like, but it matched the green armor.  The shield is the wooden shield from the Orc Boyz boxed set.



This is my semi completed Warriors of Nurgle regiment.  I often get tired of painting, so the banner and weapons are unfinished.



This is my concept for a Warrior of Slaanesh (the only one so far).  The armor is painted a base coat of Chaos Black with Codex Grey highlights.  I decided to give them great weapons, which I made by changing the pose of the original hand weapons.  The axe itself is from the 5th Editions Chaos Warriors boxed set as it was a lot bigger than the current ones.  The cape is a purple color (Vallejo Violet) and the fure is a pure white to contrast the black and purple.  The head is from the 5th Edition Chaos Warriors conversion pack.


This is a basic trooper for my Warriors of Khorne.  I decided to give them two hand weapons as Khorne is about rage and extra attacks, so I thought it fitting.  The armor is a base coat of Scab Red and them highlighted with multiple layers of Macharius Solar Orange.  The head is from the 5th Edition Chaos Warrior boxed set.

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